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Design I Engineering I Procurement I Construction Services

ICT, IoT, Smart Mobility, Cyber Security & Physical Security play an important role in our modern lives today; we expect to live in convenient stable and predictable environments free of harm and disturbance. The feeling of being secure is intangible and can only be achieved by understating the vulnerabilities surrounding us, assessing the risks they incorporate and counter measuring the threats.

It is not all about implementing equipment, it’s an overall approach that includes people, procedures and the right measures and equipment that should be incorporated into our personal and business culture to mitigate the problems and provide the convenient and secure environment that we aspire.

At DNP Systems we take a holistic approach to your requirements and follow the industry best practices and guidelines and deliver strategic services to help our clients protect and secure their personnel, assets and facilities. Our specialized and experienced consultants are certified from international organisations. They will ensure the delivery of quality services to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Process includes understanding our client requirements, collecting the right information, working closely with our stakeholders, and following the industries recognized methods to deliver a competent cost effective solution that protect your core business value while mitigating risks.

Overview of services offered: 

– ICT/IoT/Physical Security/Cyber Security Systems Assessment Services.

– Design, Engineering, Procurement, Costruction of ICT/IoT/Physical Security/Cyber Security Systems.

– Project Management & Supervision with Implementation of LEED Industry Standards, Quality & HSE measures.